Nissan Navara D21

This feature looks at a car that is about as unique as it gets. The most modified car we’ve featured so far and it just so happens to be the first ute we’ve featured as well. The 1993 Nissan D21 Navara Ute. However this Ute is unassumingly special in almost every way. Rebuilt from the ground up it features a myriad of JDM goodies, usually reserved for a top shelf silvia build, that give this car a truly one of a kind spec sheet. Built by owner Michael over the last 3-4 years,

BMW 135i

The E82 M135i from BMW is the compact little brother to the prolific 3 series. You might say this makes it a good city car, it may well be. It probably is easy to park. It might fly under the radar and be more of a sleeper than most European performance cars. However this small 2 door coupe is running the N54 twin turbo inline 6 engine, nothing little about that. The model as featured today is a 2009 model M135i coupe, the styling would suggest a much more modern car. With a

Toyota 86

The Toyota 86 is a modern affordable sports car that is the child of a joint venture between Subaru and Toyota. Both respectable sporty car manufacturers in their own right. The car has gained a cult level of popularity. Go to any car meet in Adelaide and you will see one, in fact you’ll see several, much to the dismay of some event organisers… Why is it so popular? It's light, its’s sporty and it's designed to be as fun as possible. It does this with a combination of factors

Subaru WRX

What is the first thing you think of when you think of a Subaru WRX? The most characteristic part of the car, one that lets you identify the car before you can even see it, is the classic Subie rumble. The Subaru WRX in every generation follows a simple formula of combining AWD with a turbo 4 cylinder. A formula bred from rally inspiration and WRC homologation. Most people would remember the classic blue and lime green livery from the mid 90s to early 2000s. With some of the


The Nissan Silvia S15 The legendary Nissan S chassis is well known as one of the cars that brought drifting to its huge popularity that it has today. The Nissan Silvia S15 being the latest and last iteration of this car is one of the most sought after JDM cars today with values increasing exponentially in the last 10 years. Also commonly known as the 240SX, they were designed for the budget conscious sports car enthusiast at the turn of the century. These cars were rear wheel


734. The C63S by Mercedes. We had the pleasure of shooting with @seven_three_four, a beautiful AMG Mercedes C63S with an unparalleled exhaust note. Throughout this feature we're looking at the results from our shoot and having a discussion about the car. This particular instance of the C63S features some aggressive body upgrades that we will have a look at throughout. While we love all sorts of cars here at The Big Boost Club we have a particular weak spot for modern Euros. S

Spotlight: How good is the Golf GTI?

The Volkswagen Golf GTI, does the modern car live up to the heritage of its name? Is it "hot" enough to be considered a hot hatch anymore or is it too tame? Is it the perfect daily driver? In this feature we discuss this and more. The Golf GTI was first introduced in 1976 in a revitalised version of the mark 1 Golf. Often referred to as the original “hot hatch”, it featured a 1.6L fuel injected engine that came with 80kw and 139nm of torque. At the time this was a lot for a s