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The C63S by Mercedes.

We had the pleasure of shooting with @seven_three_four, a beautiful AMG Mercedes C63S with an unparalleled exhaust note. Throughout this feature we're looking at the results from our shoot and having a discussion about the car. This particular instance of the C63S features some aggressive body upgrades that we will have a look at throughout.

While we love all sorts of cars here at The Big Boost Club we have a particular weak spot for modern Euros. Sharp styling and big performance paired with modern technology and safety; All big ticks to us. This C63S is the culmination of decades of German engineering and development. Fast and fun but comfortable and relatively practical.

Arguably the cars main feature is the Twin Turbo 4.0L V8 power plant that puts out a simply unforgettable AMG rasp as the car belts past you. The engine puts out 375KW and a huge 700NM of torque down to the ground through a RWD configuration, fun at the best of times! This results in a sprint to 100kmh in 3.9s. The sound is incredible, all throughout the rev range occupants are given a delightful soundtrack. The exhaust makes the car a true head turner on acceleration and deceleration. Loud, deep and V8; what more could you want.

Performance is taken seriously at AMG and this is the perfect example of that.

700nm is A LOT of torque, especially for a rear wheel drive car; The cars ability to put the power down comes largely to wide Michelin pilot sport Cup 2 tyres and the performance suspension from AMG. Even with super grippy rubber the rear end is still "playful", as you'd imagine. The electronics in the car however help to make sure the rear wheels don't overtake the front wheels.

The cars exterior styling upgrades include a full carbon lip and side skirt kit, a custom wrap comprising of stripes, dark tint and painted callipers. All of these aesthetic modifications give the car a subtle theme that increases the aggression and sportiness of the car. The lips give the car much more road presence adding to the visual appeal of the package. The callipers compliment the wrap and make themselves stand out more against the rims. the calliper paint attracts the eyes to the huge 390mm front rotors.

The exterior looks are finished off with the beautiful AMG rims, a South Australian heritage plate 734 and our very own special 734 Edition cursive banner, as pictured below.

Interior styling is modern, sharp and luxurious with a few touches of AMG performance noted in various parts of the cabin.

A steering wheel is the part of a car we as drivers touch the most and allows us as humans to interact with the machines we love so much. Therefore in most instances car designers recognise this and the quality of the steering wheel reflects the quality of the overall car. No exceptions here.

The steering wheel looks like it would be at home in a GT cup car. Featuring carbon, stainless steel and alcantara; All premium materials for a premium car. The wheel features a flat bottom design and large carbon shift paddles to give the car a true performance feel.

The bucket seats feature aggressive bolstering however are still largely comfortable. The car is just as comfortable going 200+ on a track as it is driving down to the shops. The stitching and leather is very high quality as you'd expect from a high end European car.

The cabin has a no expense spared feel to it down to the finer details. For example this clock found in the centre console. Carbon fibre trim can be found all throughout the car. Be your own judge but we think it looks great with its thick fibres and glossy finish. A testament to the quality and care taken in the design phase.

The Virtual Cockpit is high definition, sharp and beautiful to look at. Hosting a variety of uses as a multifunction display as well as primary speedometer/tachometer again tying into that tech and safety philosophy of the car.

The car in all its striking beauty with one of Adelaide most well known buildings.

Everything we've looked at throughout this article comes together to create a true "Beauty and the Beast in one" package. From the carbon interior trim to the spoked wheels, every part of this car was designed with quality in mind. The engineers design brief seems to be take a C class and make it fun, or at least that's what it comes across as to us. The sound, the looks, the performance and the way it makes you feel make this car, in our opinion, a masterpiece.

In conclusion we enjoyed the day out with Lance (@seven_three_four) shooting the car, hanging out and talking about the build. As a valued member of The Big Boost Club, expect to see more of this car around The Big Boost Club events, socials and this website as he continues the build.

The Big Boost Club cursive banner available now on demand. Dropping on store soon.

Contact @thebigboostclub on Instagram for details.

Enjoy more shots from the shoot in the gallery below.

Got a car you think is worth a feature? Want to do a shoot with us? Message us at @thebigboostclub on Instagram.

All opinions are our own.

Photos by @jeremy.khuu | Article by @thebigboostclub

All photos are property of The Big Boost Club 2021 ©


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