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Subaru WRX

What is the first thing you think of when you think of a Subaru WRX?

The most characteristic part of the car, one that lets you identify the car before you can even see it, is the classic Subie rumble.

The Subaru WRX in every generation follows a simple formula of combining AWD with a turbo 4 cylinder. A formula bred from rally inspiration and WRC homologation. Most people would remember the classic blue and lime green livery from the mid 90s to early 2000s. With some of the world’s most famous rally drivers being a part of the Subaru world rally team the car quickly shot to popularity amongst motoring enthusiasts. If you’ve ever been to a car meet in Adelaide you know how popular they still are today.

The WRX as featured today is a 2011 G3 WRX sedan presented in the striking WR blue. A really nice example of the potential for the platform this owner has paired the car with several subtle but tasteful aesthetic mods to make this car look even more aggressive.

Featuring the EJ255 2.5L flat 4 engine, the car puts out 195kw and 331nm of torque. Putting this power down to all 4 wheels using an “always on” active AWD system via a 5 speed manual gearbox. This system gives the car excellent mechanical grip often hailed as one of the best parts of a Subie.

Unusual for modern 4 cylinder cars, the engine is horizontally opposed meaning the pistons move in a horizontal plane. This created a design problem of getting the exhaust to the turbo at the same time, something Subaru designers decided to lean into. With one side having a greater length header, these unequal length headers are what create the classic Subaru rumble exhaust sound; a great design decision.

The turbo runs at a calm 14.2 PSI on a stock tune, leaving big gains to be possible with a tune. A traditional Subaru feature is the top mounted intercooler and bonnet scoop. The fun part of the turbo is that it’s able to be heard quite easily and the sound compliments the exhaust note to create a fun driving experience. Especially paired with the INVIDIA Q300 exhaust, with titanium tips, the car naturally has some pops on lift and shift. The rumble sound on a decent pull really is intoxicating.

In terms of exterior styling this car has had a few nice touches added to it. The first thing you notice from most directions is the addition of a WRX sti wing. Moving forward there is a set of carbon vortex generators on the roof, a front lip helps to improve the aggression up front, along with some bright red horns visible through the front grill. Some cool looking accessories for sure!

The car rides on a set of Forged SSW Drifter wheels paired with Nitto Invo tyres and DBA slotted rotors. Complete with tyre lettering this wheelset looks race inspired and compliments the car well.

Internally the owner has fitted a carbon steering wheel with leather accents, a very cool touch. Especially with the red centring line at the top. The sports seats are comfortable and provide good support which make the car very capable of being a daily driver.

All of these external visual mods help to create a clean but aggressive WRX build that is still well underway. Whether it's blasting the hills or cruising to a car meet this WRX looks cool while it does it. The great colour gives this car a great presence on the road before even considering the other styling both factory and aftermarket.

We here at the big boost club love the style the owner has gone for with the build. It's safe to say we’re massive fans of the Subie rumble, particularly this example. We had a great time shooting in the Adelaide hills for this one, we do not do offroad shoots often! Thanks to owner Raiyan for coming out for the day.

Enjoy some of our shots from the day in the gallery below.

Got a car you think is worth a feature? Want to do a shoot with us? Message us at @thebigboostclub on Instagram.

All opinions are our own.

car owned by @raiyan_mehmet

Photos by @jeremy.khuu and @intent media

Article by @thebigboostclub

All photos are property of The Big Boost Club 2021 ©


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