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Toyota 86

The Toyota 86 is a modern affordable sports car that is the child of a joint venture between Subaru and Toyota. Both respectable sporty car manufacturers in their own right. The car has gained a cult level of popularity. Go to any car meet in Adelaide and you will see one, in fact you’ll see several, much to the dismay of some event organisers…

Why is it so popular? It's light, its’s sporty and it's designed to be as fun as possible. It does this with a combination of factors including but not limited to rear wheel drive and affordability.

What is the one big complaint from most people though? From the factory it's not quick. Due to what I can only assume is marketing decisions, the car was never fitted with a turbo from the factory to protect other products such as the a90 supra. The aftermarket for these cars is huge though with countless parts both for performance and looks. uncommon for most cars, Boost kits are available for the 86 in several variants and price points. Both turbo and supercharger kits are commonly available for these cars.

The 86 as featured in this article is a 2017 Toyota GTS 86. Now you might be thinking; “Hey, I thought you guys only featured boosted cars”. Well you’d be right, this isn’t an exception, this car is boosted. If the number plate isn’t a dead giveaway, the main feature of this build is the supercharger. This build doesn’t stop there though, this car also has a special party trick up its sleeve.

The engine from the factory is a 2L 4 cylinder boxer engine, basically slang for horizontally opposed, putting out 147kw and 205nm of torque at the crank. This example with its modifications is putting out 230kw at the wheels without a built engine. A gain of over 100kw at the wheels shows that this car has potential.

The car achieves these massive gains thanks to a Harrop tvs1320 supercharger kit which provides 11psi of boost, while that might not sound like much, most supercharged cars run under 10psi. The kit has a surprisingly clean install that looks almost factory.

In addition to the supercharger the car is on e85 and features a Zeitronics flex fuel kit and deatschwerks 660cc fuel injectors. These power mods were brought together by a tune from S&J automotive in Edwardstown SA using ECUtek to achieve the aforementioned 230RWKW.

Other engine mods include a custom made intercooler and oil cooler water spray kit, invidia equal length headers, a custom high flow cat front pipe and a invidia Q300 catback.

While the car is quite light coming in at less than 1300kg, adding all that extra power means you need to be able to stop faster too. A Harrop 4 pot big brake kit is a welcome addition to the car in terms of performance and looks. Featuring Harrop 345mm floating rotors up front and DBA T3 4000 rotors on the rear.

The car's suspension is one of its most fun features. This 86’s party trick is it’s Airlift Performance airbag suspension enabling it to have an unreal fitment when stationary and even at low speeds. The system has 2 1 gallon air tanks (almost 8 times the engine capacity) and a lighting setup to add a special touch. The way this car looks aired out is simply nuts.

In terms of exterior modifications this car has plenty. Featuring a Flow designs front lip, TRD side skirts, Valenti clear tail lights and a smoked third tail light. Creating a tough look in combination with the low ride height this 86 will make you look twice.

A series of wraps help compliment styling. Featuring wrapped mirrors in satin black, a white stripe from front to back and wrapped door handles. Cool subtle touches.

A set of 18x8.5 SSR GTV02 rims in flat black complete the exterior styling by really adding to the car's overall presence. Wrapped in Kumho Ecsta PS71 tyres running a 225/40 at the front and a 245/35 at the rear to help get the power down to the road. These wheels are paired with 10mm spacers, just to really dial in the fitment.

Internally the car is mostly stock however features a P3 boost and ethanol air vent gauge and of course the airlift performance controller. The driving position is low and the sports seats keep you in when they need to. Adding to this car being so fun on the track.

The car acts as a test bed for Watto Motorsport, be sure to check them out on instagram!

The mods list for this car all come together to make this 86 a track and street weapon that looks as good at a car meet as it is fast around the track. Tastefully put together by owner luke to create a truly built not bought modern car. A special shoutout to Luke’s dad for the countless hours helping bring the build together to the success that it is today.

We here at The Big Boost Club love boost, whether that be a turbo or supercharger. We enjoyed shooting our first supercharged car and spending the afternoon with owner Luke checking out his insane 86 build. Thanks to owner Luke and friend Nick for coming out to the airport for the afternoon.

Enjoy some more shots from the shoot below.

Got a car you think is worth a feature? Want to do a shoot with us? Message us at @thebigboostclub on Instagram.

All opinions are our own.

Owned by @supercharged_86

Photos by @intent media

Article by @thebigboostclub

Shoutout to @watto.motorsport

All photos are property of The Big Boost Club 2021 ©


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